Ashleey Goes To Calipetnia

Ashleey, Jessica, and Mitchel🙂 ❤ Hello! Today I will be showing you a story called Ashleey Goes To Calipetnia and here it is:

Once upon a time, there lived a hamster named Ashleey. She had just came back from Smallville and wanted to see her friend Jessica. Jessica, as you know, is married to Mitchel the bunny, and has a baby girl bunny named Britanny. Ashleey walked over to Jessica’s house and knocked on the door. ”Who is it?”- Said Jessica. ”It’s me! Ashleey!”- Replied Ashleey. Jessica raced over to the door. ”Ashleey! I have missed you SO much!”- Screamed out Jessica in excitement. ”Jessica! I have missed you too!”- Answered Ashleey. ”Whats new?”- Asked Jessica. ”Not much. But I do know what you might be excited about.”-Ashleey responded. ”What is it?!?”- Replied Jessica. ”The surprise is that I have a new dream: To be a wedding photographer in Calipetnia.”- Answered Ashleey. ”I am so excited for you! But you just came back from Smallville and now you are moving to Calipetnia?”-Asked Jessica sadly. ”Yes I am very, very truly sorry but you have not heard all the news.”- Replied Ashleey. ”Then what is it?”- Asked Jessica surprised. ”I want to take one of my friends there to live with me.”- Answered Ashleey. ”Wait a minute, so you are saying that you want to take ME to live in Calipetnia with you?”- Jessica asked shocked. ”Yes that is EXACTLY what I’m saying!”- Ashleey responded happily.  ”Well, I don’t want to leave Britanny, Mitchel, and all my friends! Petlantia is my home!”- Jessica screamed. ”Well, you can take Britanny and Mitchel. Why would I ask you to live with me and then make you leave your husband and your daughter behind!”- Answered Ashleey. ”Well, OK. I will live with you. When do we leave? And have you sent the e-mail yet?”- Asked Jess. ”We leave tomorrow. And no, I have not sent the e-mail yet and thank you!”- Responded Ashleey. ”OK. Bye! I will see you tomorrow.”- Replied Jessica. ”OK. I will pick you up from your house tomorrow.”- Answered Ashleey. ”OK bye.”- Jessica said back to Ashleey.

Ashleey sent the e-mail when she got home. She wrote this:

Dear Mrs.Bell, I would love to be a part of your photographing company. I would like to be a part of the wedding photographer side of it. I am a hamster named Ashleey and I have a talent for photographing. When I was eight years old, I took a picture of a deer and it turned out perfect. My parents sent it to a professional photographer and then he sent back an e-mail saying that I had taken a better picture then he had ever done. I am 23 and am a really good wedding photographer. Thank you! E-mail me back yes or no please. Sincerely, Ashleey Duncan.

Mrs.Bell sent back a message and she accepted! Ashleey was going to be a professional wedding photographer!

It was the day that Ashleey, Jessica, Mitchel, and Britanny were going to Calipetnia to live. But of course, they would ALWAYS come visit. They were at the airport and Britanny started crying and needed to eat. So Jessica went to feed Britanny. After Jessica was done feeding Britanny, Mitchel, Jessica, and Ashleey went to get some food before going on to the plane. The plane ride from Petlantia to Calipetnia is about five – seven hours. So after they were done eating they left their bags with the workers at the airport.  They went on the plane and waited until they got to Calipetnia.

(Seven hours later)

They got to Calipetnia seven hours later and went to their hotel. They were still going to find a house to live in but for now they were going to stay in the hotel. They ate dinner and had a group talk on Skype with Loco, Mishel, and Chirpy. They all talked and laughed and they promised they would ALWAYS come to visit.

And they all live happily ever after. 🙂 ❤


15 thoughts on “Ashleey Goes To Calipetnia

  1. Aitite says:

    Hola Maitane, es increible la facilidad que tienes para escribir. Tienes que seguir contandonos la vida de Jessica y sus amigos para que sepamos de sus andanzas.

  2. Lynn Bradescu says:

    Maitane: I’m sure you WILL be a famous writer! That is a very good story and I really loved reading it. I love the characters and how you gave them all a personality! Thank you!

  3. Hola cosita, me encanta saber cómo les va la vida a nuestros amigos Ashleey, Loco, y los demás. Ahora tengo curiosidad por saber qué tal le va a ir a Ashleey en su trabajo de fotógrafa. Ah, ¡y también tango ganas de leer uno de tus blogs en castellano!

  4. Amama says:

    Yo también me he quedado con ganas de saber qué tal le va a Ashleey en su trabajo!!!. Me imagino que le llamarán para un montón de bodas. Y qué tal es Calipetnia? Es chulo? Espero que sí y que no les dé mucha pena haber dejado Petlantia. Ah, y yo también tengo ganas de leerte en castellano. El próximo que escribas tiene que ser en castellano, vale? Eres una escritora fantástica!! Ah, SOY IZEKO. Un musu y ya tengo ganas de verte.

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