Jessica Meets Chloe

Princess Chloe

Hey guys!

Well, when I was at school today and the teacher was teaching, I got distracted and spaced out for like the whole time she was talking (but I know exactly what she said), and thought about Jessica meeting Chloe. I thought about not writing the story, but I think that I really should because Jessica has to meet Chloe sooner or later, so I decided now! Well, here you have Jessica meets Chloe!

Once upon a time, Jessica and her family were sleeping in on a Saturday morning until they heard a knock on the front door. Jessica was confused why somebody would knock on THEIR door at 9:35 in the morning! Jessica asked Mitchel if he could please go open the door. When Mitchel went to open the door, he looked through the hole, and it was LoCo!

Mitchel told Jessica that it was LoCo. Jessica rushed to the door with Britanny in her arms.

¨LoCo!¨ Jessica screamed. The taxi had not left yet and Jessica said, ¨Uh… why is the taxi still here?¨

“Oh… well… Miss Chloe is going to come out, but she needs to get her 5 suitcases, and her other 10 suitcases.¨ Replied LoCo, embarrassed.

“Miss who now?¨ Jessica asked puzzled.

Jessica stared at the taxi until finally, a Goldendoodle wearing a designer dress, 15-carrot earrings, and designer high heels got out of the car.

“Umm… Who is this, LoCo?” Jessica asked, surprised.

“This is Miss Chloe! My new lady friend, if you know what I mean :)”, said LoCo.

“Yes, I get what you mean, LoCo, but where exactly did you MEET her?” Jessica replied.

“Oh… Umm… I met her at the airport. We were both headed to the same place, Petlantia.” LoCo answered Jessica plainly.

“Now, who is this LoCo? She has a really, and I mean REALLY, bad sense of fashion”, Said Chloe.

Jessica glared at Chloe. “Got a problem honey?” Chloe asked sarcastically, and then laughed. Jessica sat on the couch, looking sad.

“What wrong, sweetie?” Mitchel asked.

“Nothing. I guess I just am not very FOND of this Chloe girl!”Jessica screamed. Chloe just sat in Jessica’s dining room texting Lady Von GooGoo (another very famous fashion star in Petlantia).

This is what Chloe texted to Lady Von GooGoo:

“Hey! I am like SOO bored! I am at some chick’s house with my new gentleman. I am at his friends house and like… just…. hold on a sec, some baby is crawling over to me. Yuck! :(“

“Shoo, shoo, you little pest!”, screamed Chloe.

“Is something not to your liking, my Dear Chloe?”, asked LoCo. He was worried about her.


“Of course dear! Whatever you want, Miss Chloe!”, LoCo replied, startled.

When Chloe and LoCo left, Jessica sat there in disgust. Mitchel sighed. Jessica did not respond. She walked away and locked herself in their room.

“Looks like your mommy is having a ruff time.” Mitchel told Britanny.

“Gaa…” Britanny gurgled. Mitchel knocked on the door to their room. “Jessica? Let me talk to you. Are you OK?” Mitchel was very worried about Jessica.

“Yeah, I am fine.” Jessica whispered. Jessica opened the door for Mitchel and Britanny. Mitchel just stared at Jessica. Jessica turned away. “Are you mad with that whole Chloe situation, sweetie?” Mitchel asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes. I mean how rude! How horrid! I have never met someone so horrible in my life!” Jessica said loudly.

When LoCo and Chloe arrived to the hotel they got their room key and went into the room. Chloe checked her messages. Lady Von GooGoo had responded:

“Icky! Hope that your new gentleman saved you from that monster! Girl, you be careful with things like that.”

“When are they gonna come out with the iPhone 7?” Chloe whined.

“They seriously JUST came out with the iPhone 6, sweetie!” LoCo answered, surprised to hear such nonsense.

“I know.”

(Back at Jessica’s house)

It was time for lunch and Jessica was cooking while Mitchel took care of Britanny.

“Wow, what a day!” Jessica said.

“Yeah! What a day! Well, Chloe left so I guess that you are fine for now, right?” Mitchel replied.

“Yeah. I am fine. It just took me a while to get over that. Like what? He just MET that girl!?! Jessica said. Jessica looked outside. “What a wonderful day to go take a walk to the park with Britany after this, right Mitchel?” Jessica asked.

“Yes! Totally, Jess!” Mitchel answered happily.

“Well ok then!” Jessica smiled happily. “Everything was going fine.”

Oh, as for Chloe and LoCo, they headed to paradise to Hawaii for three weeks. They were going to live the LIFE over there!

The End 🙂

Thank all you guys for reading this! Hope you enjoyed this story! Bye!


2 thoughts on “Jessica Meets Chloe

  1. “When I was at school today and the teacher was teaching, I got distracted and spaced out for like the whole time she was talking (but I know exactly what she said)”, jajaja, ya, ¡seguro! De todos modos, por lo menos sueñas con escribir historias bonitas, aunque hay que prestar atención a la andereño, ¿eh? Esa Chloe es un poco snobby, ¿no? Gracias por la historia, cariño.

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