The Idaho Humane Society

Idaho Humane Society

Well, hello there!

Today I am going to write about the charity that I picked in my class. If it’s convincing enough, my paper might win and it will also persuade my class to pick my charity. This post is NOT going to my class; these are just a few reasons why people should donate money to the Idaho Human Society, a.k.a IHS. OK, here we go!

The Idaho Humane Society deserves the money because a lot of animals there need our help and support. Dogs living at the Humane Society have been abandoned, abused, or they are simple strays. Cats there have been injured because I guess they took their daily walk and got hurt, or maybe they just got lost! Here you have are three specific, clear reasons why those animals deserve the money.

1. Animals need care to go to the vet to get shots and the medicine they need. In order to afford that, the IHS needs money to buy it for them.

2. Animals need to eat and get daily exercise, therefore they need food and toys. The IHS is responsible for buying that.

3. Animals need to be washed and groomed, and for that the IHS needs money to buy shampoo and the right brushes for them.

Thank you for reading! Bye! My next blog will be here soon!