Chloe’s Pop Star Friends

Kitty Purry and Lady Dog Dog

Hello there! Today I decided to make a blog post about some of Chloe’s pop star friends. So let’s get started.

“LoCo!” screamed Chloe to LoCo while they were just chilling in the hotel.

“What is it my sweetest?” asked LoCo.

“Like OMG! I’m totally feeling amazed. Kitty Purry and Lady Dog Dog are coming to Petlantia!” replied Chloe.

“How great, Miss Chloe. How do you know such big pop stars?” asked LoCo.

“Umm…” Chloe paused. “I guess I just met them and we all became best friends forever. But all three of us know I have the best sense of fashion,” Chloe bragged.

BEEP! Chloe had just received a text from Kitty Purry. It read: Hey hon! Can’t wait to see you. I totally loved my Purrism tour! Chloe was so happy that Kitty Purry was coming to see her. But Chloe wondered why Lady Dog Dog hadn’t texted her yet. “LoCo! Lady Dog Dog hasn’t texted me yet. Why?” asked Chloe.

“I don’t know Miss Chloe. I mean, you could always text first!” replied LoCo.


“I’m sorry! Please forgive me!” begged LoCo. Finally, Chloe received a text. It read: I’m so sorry hon for not texting sooner. I didn’t have any WiFi on the air plane! How absurd, no? It was from Lady Dog Dog! Chloe stopped blabbing.

(At the airport)

“OMG! Hi! I missed you so much, hon!” said Lady Dog Dog when she met up with Chloe at the airport.

“I missed you too!” replied Chloe.

“Where is Kitty?” asked Lady Dog Dog.

“Well she has already texted me so she’s probably already here in Petlantia,” answered Chloe. Chloe drove Lady Dog Dog to her hotel which happened to be Chloe’s hotel, too. When they got there, Chloe took Lady Dog Dog to the lobby and Lady Dog Dog got her room key and went to unpack. Chloe took out her phone. *RING RING* *RING RING* “Hello?” asked a voice. “Hey there Kitty! It’s Chloe. I picked up Lady Dog Dog from the airport. She is unpacking as we speak” answered Chloe.

“Oh, Chloe, it’s you! Well, that’s nice to hear. I will meet up with you two and LoCo if he wants to come too.” replied Kitty.

“Where would be a nice place to meet up?” asked Chloe.

“How about the nearby Barbagrra?” responded Kitty.

“Sure! That’d be great!” answered Chloe.

“OK! See you then!” said Kitty as she hung up.

(At Barbagrra)

“Lady!!!” “Kitty!!!” screamed Kitty Purry and Lady Dog Dog at the same time.

“I missed you so much!” said Kitty as she hugged Lady.

“Missed you too, hon!” answered Lady Dog Dog.

“Shall we get a table?” asked Chloe.

“Yes, please do. I think my loco will fade if we don’t.” replied LoCo. The three amigos all went up to the reservation area and asked for the table they had reserved. When they all got to the table, Chloe screamed so loud you could hear a glass break in the distance. “IS THAT… IS THAT…?”

And we will continue next time on The Sweetness Overload blog! Thank you for reading this new blog post! If you have read this far, please make your guess in the comments section if you think you know who Chloe saw. Thank you! ❤ 🙂

(P.S.- Kitty Purry is a dog, but you know how people are with the crazy names they choose for their kids like, for example, there are about 84 or 85 people in the USA named LOL. So yes.)