Piggy and Cheese (Dedicated to Tía Heather)

Cheese and Piggy

Hello people of the world! Its me, Maitane. Sorry I haven’t been writing my blogs very often, but that’s OK. Today, I have a new story that doesn’t really go along with Loco, Jessica, Ashley, Chloe, you know… the gang? OK, that’s what it’s called. As I was saying, this blog is dedicated to my aunt, Tía Heather. I want to write this for her, so she can read this happy little story whenever she feels down in the dumps. So here we go!

Once in a little town called FoodyPatooty Town there lived a  hyperactive pig named Piggy, and a shy cat named Cheese. FoodyPatooty Town was an extraordinarily colorful place where everyone was happy all day. Piggy had quite a lot of friends and her best buddies were FruitLoopster the ferret, Awesome Possum the opossum, and Beef the cow. Cheese was shy and she didn’t always like being a social freak. Cheese’s parents always wanted her to make friends but Cheese had more fun having tea parties with her stuffed animals. Whenever she had one she would give it this name: Tea Extravaganza… Starring… Blank! It wasn’t literally blank, there was always a special presenter (who just happened to be a stuffed animal), who would “entertain” the guests.

Cheese wasn’t a lonely person with no friends because of her shyness, like you’re all probably thinking. Anyone would be more than glad to be Cheese’s friend but, as I said, Cheese didn’t like to consider herself “Socially Social”. Cheese lived on the far side of town in the Fiesta Bosque, even though she wasn’t a fiesta girl herself. She and her family lived in a tiny, cozy cottage, and they ran a small bakery that sold loafs of bread and muffins. Cheese’s family was far from rich but made enough money to pay for their cottage, food, and clothes. Cheese also went to school and was a very mature pupil. But she didn’t talk much. She sat. Learned. Read. Wrote. She would raise her hand every now and then, but that’s about it.

Now, let’s get to Piggy. Piggy is a WHOLE OTHER STORY. Piggy lived in the middle of town, where everywhere you went there was something going on. Piggy was a nice little pig herself but, on the flip side… she was a total social freak. The only problem with Piggy was that SHE WOULDN’T SHUT HER BACON FILLED SNOUT! Because Piggy talked so much, she had quite a lot of friends. Piggy’s parents were very successful architects. Not just constructing buildings architecture, I’m talking party areas, movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades… All that jazz! They always added their amazing personal touch and they made GOOD money ($$$). Now, let’s talk about Piggy in school. Piggy emm… Let’s just say that she had a mighty case of Talktomuchalldayallnightandsaidtoherotherfriendpiggylagenteestamuyloca-itis. Yes, if you don’t believe me, it’s a real disease. Piggy always talked! In class she had a problem… a big one. During recess, people crowded and cheered for her like would if they learned that J Beibs disappeared forever.

Well anyway, back on topic. So I bet you’re all wondering: “Why does this story have both Cheese and Piggy in it if they haven’t even met?”  (They have, but they haven’t exactly had a conversation. Not even hi and bye.) The answer to that question is…

Chapter 2

One day in class, Cheese was reading her book, the Hunger Games by Suzanne Clawins, as she was told to. Piggy was reading Mocking Jay, which also happened to be by Suzanne Clawins. Cheese and Piggy liked the same things but since Cheese wasn’t a big talker nobody ever found out. One day, Mrs. Tiger Drop gave an assignment that needed to be done by a two-person group. But here’s the catch… they didn’t get to choose. “Cheese and Piggy!” said Mrs. Tiger Drop. “Oh my Dog! No, please, I beg you!” cried Piggy. “Thanks for that one, Bacon Piece,” thought Cheese. “Off you two go” answered Mrs. Tiger Drop. “What now? You probably won’t even talk to me. You are too ‘quiet’ and ‘sweet,’ yipped Piggy. “I-I-I will talk to you. See? I-I-I just did!” said Cheese softly. “Well, let’s just get this finished before I forget how to talk,” replied Piggy. Cheese didn’t like this treatment at all. She couldn’t believe how incredibly rude Piggy was acting. Just because Cheese was a bit shy it didn’t mean she couldn’t communicate. Cheese was irritated but tried her hardest not to show it.

Chapter 3

Cheese and Piggy started working on their project that very day. They brain-stormed and decided that their assignment would be architectural, like building a bakery. The assignment that Mrs. Tiger Drop had given the class was about jobs. It seemed relevant to both Piggy and Cheese to decide on architecture and build a bakery because of their parents. “What if the door to the bakery was blue and then one half of the building was red and the other half was yellow?” asked Piggy. “Yeah! I like that idea. And also, how about that the inside is lavender with a hint of beige and green?” replied Cheese. OK. This project is going great for them. They are probably going to get an awesome grade. Piggy and Cheese became very close friends by the end of the project. The best part is that they both got A’s!

Chapter 4 (Last chapter for this blog post)

“The assignment winners for this month are… Cheese and Piggy!” Mrs. tiger Drop announced happily. “You two girls were the only group that got an A! Good job!” added Mrs. Tiger Drop. “Thank you, Mrs. Tiger Drop!” cried Cheese and Piggy with joy. “And girls, the reason I had you guys do this project is because the winner -which happened to be you- would get their creation turned real. My husband is an architect and he is good friends with your parents, Piggy” replied Mrs. Tiger Drop. Both Piggy and Cheese were in absolute shock. “You mean our creation is going to become real?” asked Cheese. “Yup. It sure is! With the help of Piggy’s parents it will become real and Cheese, your parents are going to work there! Isn’t that great?” asked Mrs. Tiger Drop. Cheese stopped smiling and frowned. “But I don’t want to move. I want to stay in my cottage!” answered Cheese with tears about to stream down her cute, fluffy face. “Aww, Sweetie! You aren’t moving, dear, your parents are just going to work there! The bakery will be right next to our school! Your parents will bring you home and bring you lunch and you’ll stay right where you live now!” cried the teacher happily. And they all lived happily ever after.

Everybody! Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you all enjoyed it. And Tía Heather, I hope you love this. I love you and I hope that you can read this as soon as possible. Thank you everyone!

Bonus Chapter: The Revealing Of The New Bakery!

“Good grief. I have never seen anything so beautiful” said Piggy. “Me neither” answered Cheese. “Well, you are the founders! It’ll be put right here on the wall” yelled Mrs. Tiger Drop. Cheese’s parents hugged both Cheese and Piggy. “Thank you, girls” they both said.

That was the very, very end. Goodbye!