Hello, friends! I am currently writing this from Spain. This blog post is just an update, and I’d like to let you know that I will be publishing a new blog post very soon. Now, straight to the update.

It has been two years since I published my very first blog post. At that time, I was eight years old. I’m just going to say this now: I have changed a lot! My interests, goals, friends, and opinions have changed. I’m still the same person, but I think I’ve matured more in the span of two years. I’m not trying to sound grown up when I say these things because I know I’m still a kid, but I do think that a lot of things can change in 24 months.

As I was reading through some of my old blog posts, I caught myself cringing in embarrassment. Although the same thing will probably happen in a few years, as these are just my opinions and interests at this age.

First of all, you do not have to follow me on Pinterest! When I first joined Pinterest, I was obsessed with gaining followers. Although I still love Pinterest, I do not care if I do or do not get new followers.

Second of all, I don’t want be a singer nor do I want to be a model. My dream job is to become an author. I’d also like to be a human rights activist. Even if my books do not get any recognition, I just want to publish a book and know that I truly am following my dreams. (P.S: I promise that it will be a good book, not a book like Kim Kardashian’s “Selfie Book”.)

My interests in books have also changed a lot. My favorite books are currently the ones in the “Harry Potter” book series. I am now reading “Wonder,” by R.J. Palacios and “The Hunger Games,” by Suzanne Collins. (I’m on the second book!) After I finish reading that series I plan on reading either “Divergent” or “The Red Pyramid,” by Rick Riordan.

I do actually enjoy school, although it does stress me out every now and then. I still like “girly” things, but I wouldn’t label myself a girly girl. I like fashion and accessories, but I enjoy a lot of other things. Books are amazing. I cannot wait to read the 8th Harry Potter book that comes out at the end of July. I am a Netflix addict! I have way too many favorite T.V. shows, although I highly recommend Sherlock and The Mysteries of Laura!. I have a slight obsession with YouTube… there are just too many amazing YouTubers!

Well, thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading my blog posts for the past two years! It really means a lot to me, and I promise that my future posts will be a little better thought out. I also want to apologize for not posting as much. Although nobody pressures me, I feel like I pressure myself to the point that I just don’t post! (If that makes any sense at all.)

Again, thanks to everyone who has stuck around to read my posts and encourage me over the last couple of years.