Hello, friends! I am currently writing this from Spain. This blog post is just an update, and I’d like to let you know that I will be publishing a new blog post very soon. Now, straight to the update.

It has been two years since I published my very first blog post. At that time, I was eight years old. I’m just going to say this now: I have changed a lot! My interests, goals, friends, and opinions have changed. I’m still the same person, but I think I’ve matured more in the span of two years. I’m not trying to sound grown up when I say these things because I know I’m still a kid, but I do think that a lot of things can change in 24 months.

As I was reading through some of my old blog posts, I caught myself cringing in embarrassment. Although the same thing will probably happen in a few years, as these are just my opinions and interests at this age.

First of all, you do not have to follow me on Pinterest! When I first joined Pinterest, I was obsessed with gaining followers. Although I still love Pinterest, I do not care if I do or do not get new followers.

Second of all, I don’t want be a singer nor do I want to be a model. My dream job is to become an author. I’d also like to be a human rights activist. Even if my books do not get any recognition, I just want to publish a book and know that I truly am following my dreams. (P.S: I promise that it will be a good book, not a book like Kim Kardashian’s “Selfie Book”.)

My interests in books have also changed a lot. My favorite books are currently the ones in the “Harry Potter” book series. I am now reading “Wonder,” by R.J. Palacios and “The Hunger Games,” by Suzanne Collins. (I’m on the second book!) After I finish reading that series I plan on reading either “Divergent” or “The Red Pyramid,” by Rick Riordan.

I do actually enjoy school, although it does stress me out every now and then. I still like “girly” things, but I wouldn’t label myself a girly girl. I like fashion and accessories, but I enjoy a lot of other things. Books are amazing. I cannot wait to read the 8th Harry Potter book that comes out at the end of July. I am a Netflix addict! I have way too many favorite T.V. shows, although I highly recommend Sherlock and The Mysteries of Laura!. I have a slight obsession with YouTube… there are just too many amazing YouTubers!

Well, thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading my blog posts for the past two years! It really means a lot to me, and I promise that my future posts will be a little better thought out. I also want to apologize for not posting as much. Although nobody pressures me, I feel like I pressure myself to the point that I just don’t post! (If that makes any sense at all.)

Again, thanks to everyone who has stuck around to read my posts and encourage me over the last couple of years.



Sandy’s Diary

Sandy DiaryHello everybody! It’s Maitane here and this blog post is going to be about my OTHER dog, Sandy! I haven’t really said much about Sandy other than the fact that she made a little appearance in The Animals Return. So I was thinking that maybe this blog post should be about Sandy! Perhaps… her diary? Sandy doesn’t ACTUALLY have a diary (obviously) but I thought it would be fun to say that she does! Well, let’s get started!

October 1st, 2015

You won’t believe what just happened! I just got accepted into NYAOCDD (New Yorkie Arts Of Cuddly Dancing Dogs)! I’M SO HAPPY! Although I’ve already gone through two years of college, I’ve decided that I’m going to spend the remaining two and one additional year there. Getting accepted into NYAOCDD has been my dream ever since I was a little puppy, but I wouldn’t have ever thought that I would actually GET IN! I love how the other pets that study there are so nice and affectionate. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a very affectionate and cuddly dog, I still am SOO glad I got in. I know I’ve said it hundreds of times, but it’s TRUE! I LOVE DANCING!!!

October 2nd, 2015

I’m packing up to go to The Hamptons where Chloe and LoCo are on vacation. I plan to tell Chloe the news. I’m a year older than Chloe but she went to college for a year. No, she didn’t drop out, she also enrolled in online college courses on weekends, holidays, any days off. Even when she was sick, she did college online. She ALSO did EXTRA work so that she could graduate sooner. Why she did this? I have NO idea. She says it’s because she really wanted to be a fashion designer and the company she wanted to work for required a college degree. I can kind of understand her but… ? I don’t even know. A lot of pets get on my case for being her best friend. Most pets think that she’s mean and sassy. Although that might be true of some pets, she’s ACTUALLY my half sister. But we had been friends for a long time before we found out. We have the same father, but different mothers. We were both separated from our parents when we were old enough to leave the liter. The point is, she’s always been super supportive of me and nice to me, she’s been SUCH a kind friend and she’s been my family since before we knew that we were literally family. I’m super excited!

October 3rd, 2015

I’m on the plane to go see Chloe. She has no idea that I’m coming. She thinks that I’m at my cousin’s house over in Smallville. My cousin is a dog, but she’s a teacup chihuahua so she’s really small. The flight attendant is announcing that the flight is taking off! I’M. SO. EXCITED!!!! I Can’t even describe how happy I am. In part because Chloe convinced me to apply and I told her that I wouldn’t get in. She told me to follow my heart and that if I tried my hardest, believed in myself, and practiced, I’d be sure to get in. I took her advice and look at me now, ready to tell her that I got in!!!! That’s been my dream ever since Chloe gave me that helpful advice. I had doubts at first because NYAOCDD only takes so many students a year. Well, I’m going to sleep the rest of the way. I won’t write tomorrow because I want a day off. Goodnight, everyone!

October 5th, 2015

I told Chloe the news! She fainted and we had to call the paramedics and then when she woke up, she screamed because she had no idea why the paramedics were there. I then told her when and why she had fainted, then she fainted again. LoCo and I told the paramedics that they were free to leave. We said we could handle it from there and they questioned us then we assured them… blah… blah…. blah. All this seemed to go on FOREVER! They left us some medicine just in case she fainted again. All of this happened yesterday. Later, we all went out to dinner and then to the movie theater. I’m leaving tomorrow, but these were my adventures this week! A lot of things sure have happened! Well, I’m going to go to sleep now.

Hello everybody! I hoped you all enjoyed this blog post. If you could, please tell me yes or no, give me some feedback telling me if I should write more Sandy’s Diary. Thank you and goodbye for now!

(P.S I have a sarcastic joke in this post saying that Sandy isn’t affectionate or cuddly, but SHE IS. SHE’S THE CUDDLIEST MOST AFFECTIONATE DOG ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. End of story. No exceptions.)


My Totem Pole Project

For our latest school project, we were asked to research animals, their habitats, and their characteristics, and then compare ourselves to these characteristics. I put a lot of time and effort into the essay, so I thought I would share it with my peeps.

Potintxo’s Totem Pole

Totem PoleFor my totem pole project I choose three underwater animals. I choose the whale, the jellyfish, and the octopus. It was very interesting learning about the different things these animals represent. Now, let’s get started.

I choose the whale because it represents importance, family, community, peace, and communication. I think that importance represents me because I am important and I help other people feel important. I try to help people as much as I can because I think it’s vital to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Everyone deserves to feel cared about. If you do that, you are important because you are very helpful and people respect that and like you for that reason.

Family! Everyone is family because no matter what, you’ll be a part of one. It could be your parents, siblings, grandparents, or even friends! Since I’m part of a family and have friends that feel like family to me, it’s logical that I’d pick family as something that represents me.

Another word that the whale represents is community. I am part of a community as well. A community can be your neighborhood or school. I’m part of THREE communities! I have my Dad’s neighborhood, my Mom’s neighborhood, and my school. That’s a large community and I’m very happy to be a part of each and every one of them.

Another very important thing that it stands for is peacefulness. This represents me in an ironic way because at times, I am the most RAMBUNCTIOUS person you will ever meet. Other times, I am very quiet and calm. I’m peaceful when I’m tired, relaxed, and focused. I’m rambunctious when I’m full of energy, having fun, or hanging out with my friends. But there’s always an in between! That’s why peaceful represents me.

Communication! I think this one describes me best because I am very good at expressing myself. I use advanced language skills, and I make the answer longer than it should be to keep a conversation going. I also really like talking and sharing my thoughts. Communication is the best way to do so, in my opinion. Communication describes me in so many ways because I have so much to say. It is also great to mingle and socialize. Talk face to face! Not texting or talking on the phone. That’s great. I like to be in a quiet place and just chat and socialize. It’s awesome! That’s why communication describes me so well.

The next animal that represents me is the jellyfish. The jellyfish stands for organization, acceptance, faith, trust, and sensitivity. Organization represents me because I’m an organized person. I organize my desk, papers, folders, binders, projects, and anything in general. This is also a very ironic thing because when it comes to cleaning my room, I’m not that great. Being organized is good because it means that your work is very nice and neat. It’s also easier to communicate if you can organize your words and sentences to make sense. That’s how organization represents me.

Acceptance is the next word that describes me. Acceptance represents me because I can accept things. Sometimes it’s very hard, but you have to do it. I had a hard time accepting I had a few friendship problems, but I did it anyway. You have to! Some things you just have to accept, and some things you can change, but others are out of your control. That’s why you have to be accepting. Usually, you can resolve friendship problems, but sometimes it just gets out of hand and that’s when acceptance comes into action. It is a very difficult thing to do, but you’ve got to anyway. I think that acceptance represents me for all those reasons.

Faith is the next thing that represents me. Faith means having complete trust or confidence in a person or thing. I have faith in many people, including myself. I have faith in my friends and family. It’s important to have faith in yourself because it gives you self esteem and helps you achieve your goals and to never give up. Faith is something that represents me because I always believe in myself and I never let myself down. If you tell yourself that you can’t do it and that it’s not worth it, you’ll start believing that and not ever try to achieve your goal. That’s why faith is something very important that describes me.

Trust. Trust is one of the most important symbols on this list. Trust is so difficult to describe. It’s very intense, you can’t just throw out a few words and call it trust. Trust is something that you have to earn. If you trust someone, it means that you’ll give someone all your respect and will not be afraid to tell them anything: A secret, something personal, something private. I am a very trustworthy person. If you can trust me, I’ll most likely trust you. However, at times, you can trust someone and after so long, they’ll take all that trust you gave them and use it against you. That’s why trust is on this list; it’s on this list because it’s something very important to me. It’s very difficult for me to describe.

Sensitivity describes me so well I could just rant about it all day. I’m a very, very sensitive person. When you first meet me, you wouldn’t think twice about me being sensitive but, to tell the truth, I am very sensitive and I get sad and offended quite easily. Because I am so sensitive, that can sometimes affect my friendships because they get the wrong idea. If that happens, it can make them think that I overreact, that I’m not kind or understanding. But if you know me well enough, you’ll know that I’m just really sensitive. That’s why sensitivity describes me.

The last animal on this list is the octopus. I choose the octopus because it represents strength, strategy, mystery, creativity, and intelligence. The octopus represents strength. Many people tell me that I’m a strong person. They tell me that I’m great because of the way I color and design things, the way I talk, and the vocabulary I use. I try to do nice and neat work, and I usually impress the teacher with that strategy of mine. That leads me to my next subject: Strategic!

I’m very strategic because I find a way to work through most problems. Not just school related problems, but also friendship problems and problems in general. In group projects, I am usually the one figuring out the answers and coming up with ideas. In math, it takes me a bit longer to solve the problems but I generally find a way to work through it and find the solution. I like figuring out problems; I find it interesting to strategically work through a very difficult question. Many of my friends agree with me about being strategic and working through problems. That’s how strategic describes me. The next adjective is mysterious. I’m very mysterious, nobody knows what I’m going to do next. This is why I will start off with a normal sentence like “Hey, Michaela! Can I ask you a question?” See? Something normal like that. She’ll then answer, “Yes? What is it?” Normal conversation. The question will be something shocking and random. Example: “What did the squid say when the ostrich crossed the road to go see the pickle jump over the fence?” It’s NOTHING like a typical question that you’d assume it to be! With me, you can never jump to conclusions. I’m sure Michaela would respond something like, “Hola, Pepino Squid! How’s the cheesy morning?” because she knows me and how we speak. I’m also very secretive. It’s hard to get secrets out me. Many students in the classroom think they know what to expect, but sometimes they don’t actually expect me to ask a normal question. But I do!

Creativity is next thing that I wanted to talk about. Creativity describes me in so many ways. I am VERY creative. I draw the most random, creative, things. From dancing hamburgers, to an ice cream with a mustache, a rainbow ostrich, a pickle family, and so much more! I say the most random, crazy sentences that almost NOBODY can understand. Maybe one out of thirty people can understand what I’m trying to say. May I give an example? Oh, well, I can. Example: “Oh! Oh! Oh! Why would the squid travel all the way to SquidTopia, tell me he’d come back, but then didn’t?” What I was trying to say, in a less obvious way was, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Why would (blank) travel so far away from me, tell me he’d come back, but then didn’t?” If you really think about what I just said, it was quite sad, actually. I say a lot of things like that to make it less obvious and humorous. In reality, though, what I’m saying has a very deep meaning. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. That’s how creativity represents me.

Intelligence is the last word on this list. I choose intelligent as an adjective to describe myself because I am intelligent. I consider myself intelligent because I get good grades, I’m in an advanced writing class, and many people have told me that I’m a very intelligent little girl. I’m very good at spelling, grammar, reading, social studies, and math. Everyone in my family is very intelligent so it’s kind of in my genes, thankfully. I don’t want to write much about me being intelligent because it’s a bit rude, in my opinion. I wouldn’t like people bragging about how smart and intelligent they are. Intelligence is a very common thing. Everybody is intelligent in their own way. Maybe in a specific subject: sports, music, anything really. That’s why I’d describe myself – and everybody else – as intelligent.

Those are my explanations and thoughts about the animals I chose.

The End.

Who helped:
– Le Mom, Henar Chico
– Le Foreign Exchange Student, Andrea

Where I bought the materials:
– Joanne’s Fabrics and Crafts
– Home supplies

Piggy and Cheese (Dedicated to Tía Heather)

Cheese and Piggy

Hello people of the world! Its me, Maitane. Sorry I haven’t been writing my blogs very often, but that’s OK. Today, I have a new story that doesn’t really go along with Loco, Jessica, Ashley, Chloe, you know… the gang? OK, that’s what it’s called. As I was saying, this blog is dedicated to my aunt, Tía Heather. I want to write this for her, so she can read this happy little story whenever she feels down in the dumps. So here we go!

Once in a little town called FoodyPatooty Town there lived a  hyperactive pig named Piggy, and a shy cat named Cheese. FoodyPatooty Town was an extraordinarily colorful place where everyone was happy all day. Piggy had quite a lot of friends and her best buddies were FruitLoopster the ferret, Awesome Possum the opossum, and Beef the cow. Cheese was shy and she didn’t always like being a social freak. Cheese’s parents always wanted her to make friends but Cheese had more fun having tea parties with her stuffed animals. Whenever she had one she would give it this name: Tea Extravaganza… Starring… Blank! It wasn’t literally blank, there was always a special presenter (who just happened to be a stuffed animal), who would “entertain” the guests.

Cheese wasn’t a lonely person with no friends because of her shyness, like you’re all probably thinking. Anyone would be more than glad to be Cheese’s friend but, as I said, Cheese didn’t like to consider herself “Socially Social”. Cheese lived on the far side of town in the Fiesta Bosque, even though she wasn’t a fiesta girl herself. She and her family lived in a tiny, cozy cottage, and they ran a small bakery that sold loafs of bread and muffins. Cheese’s family was far from rich but made enough money to pay for their cottage, food, and clothes. Cheese also went to school and was a very mature pupil. But she didn’t talk much. She sat. Learned. Read. Wrote. She would raise her hand every now and then, but that’s about it.

Now, let’s get to Piggy. Piggy is a WHOLE OTHER STORY. Piggy lived in the middle of town, where everywhere you went there was something going on. Piggy was a nice little pig herself but, on the flip side… she was a total social freak. The only problem with Piggy was that SHE WOULDN’T SHUT HER BACON FILLED SNOUT! Because Piggy talked so much, she had quite a lot of friends. Piggy’s parents were very successful architects. Not just constructing buildings architecture, I’m talking party areas, movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades… All that jazz! They always added their amazing personal touch and they made GOOD money ($$$). Now, let’s talk about Piggy in school. Piggy emm… Let’s just say that she had a mighty case of Talktomuchalldayallnightandsaidtoherotherfriendpiggylagenteestamuyloca-itis. Yes, if you don’t believe me, it’s a real disease. Piggy always talked! In class she had a problem… a big one. During recess, people crowded and cheered for her like would if they learned that J Beibs disappeared forever.

Well anyway, back on topic. So I bet you’re all wondering: “Why does this story have both Cheese and Piggy in it if they haven’t even met?”  (They have, but they haven’t exactly had a conversation. Not even hi and bye.) The answer to that question is…

Chapter 2

One day in class, Cheese was reading her book, the Hunger Games by Suzanne Clawins, as she was told to. Piggy was reading Mocking Jay, which also happened to be by Suzanne Clawins. Cheese and Piggy liked the same things but since Cheese wasn’t a big talker nobody ever found out. One day, Mrs. Tiger Drop gave an assignment that needed to be done by a two-person group. But here’s the catch… they didn’t get to choose. “Cheese and Piggy!” said Mrs. Tiger Drop. “Oh my Dog! No, please, I beg you!” cried Piggy. “Thanks for that one, Bacon Piece,” thought Cheese. “Off you two go” answered Mrs. Tiger Drop. “What now? You probably won’t even talk to me. You are too ‘quiet’ and ‘sweet,’ yipped Piggy. “I-I-I will talk to you. See? I-I-I just did!” said Cheese softly. “Well, let’s just get this finished before I forget how to talk,” replied Piggy. Cheese didn’t like this treatment at all. She couldn’t believe how incredibly rude Piggy was acting. Just because Cheese was a bit shy it didn’t mean she couldn’t communicate. Cheese was irritated but tried her hardest not to show it.

Chapter 3

Cheese and Piggy started working on their project that very day. They brain-stormed and decided that their assignment would be architectural, like building a bakery. The assignment that Mrs. Tiger Drop had given the class was about jobs. It seemed relevant to both Piggy and Cheese to decide on architecture and build a bakery because of their parents. “What if the door to the bakery was blue and then one half of the building was red and the other half was yellow?” asked Piggy. “Yeah! I like that idea. And also, how about that the inside is lavender with a hint of beige and green?” replied Cheese. OK. This project is going great for them. They are probably going to get an awesome grade. Piggy and Cheese became very close friends by the end of the project. The best part is that they both got A’s!

Chapter 4 (Last chapter for this blog post)

“The assignment winners for this month are… Cheese and Piggy!” Mrs. tiger Drop announced happily. “You two girls were the only group that got an A! Good job!” added Mrs. Tiger Drop. “Thank you, Mrs. Tiger Drop!” cried Cheese and Piggy with joy. “And girls, the reason I had you guys do this project is because the winner -which happened to be you- would get their creation turned real. My husband is an architect and he is good friends with your parents, Piggy” replied Mrs. Tiger Drop. Both Piggy and Cheese were in absolute shock. “You mean our creation is going to become real?” asked Cheese. “Yup. It sure is! With the help of Piggy’s parents it will become real and Cheese, your parents are going to work there! Isn’t that great?” asked Mrs. Tiger Drop. Cheese stopped smiling and frowned. “But I don’t want to move. I want to stay in my cottage!” answered Cheese with tears about to stream down her cute, fluffy face. “Aww, Sweetie! You aren’t moving, dear, your parents are just going to work there! The bakery will be right next to our school! Your parents will bring you home and bring you lunch and you’ll stay right where you live now!” cried the teacher happily. And they all lived happily ever after.

Everybody! Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you all enjoyed it. And Tía Heather, I hope you love this. I love you and I hope that you can read this as soon as possible. Thank you everyone!

Bonus Chapter: The Revealing Of The New Bakery!

“Good grief. I have never seen anything so beautiful” said Piggy. “Me neither” answered Cheese. “Well, you are the founders! It’ll be put right here on the wall” yelled Mrs. Tiger Drop. Cheese’s parents hugged both Cheese and Piggy. “Thank you, girls” they both said.

That was the very, very end. Goodbye!

Chloe’s Pop Star Friends

Kitty Purry and Lady Dog Dog

Hello there! Today I decided to make a blog post about some of Chloe’s pop star friends. So let’s get started.

“LoCo!” screamed Chloe to LoCo while they were just chilling in the hotel.

“What is it my sweetest?” asked LoCo.

“Like OMG! I’m totally feeling amazed. Kitty Purry and Lady Dog Dog are coming to Petlantia!” replied Chloe.

“How great, Miss Chloe. How do you know such big pop stars?” asked LoCo.

“Umm…” Chloe paused. “I guess I just met them and we all became best friends forever. But all three of us know I have the best sense of fashion,” Chloe bragged.

BEEP! Chloe had just received a text from Kitty Purry. It read: Hey hon! Can’t wait to see you. I totally loved my Purrism tour! Chloe was so happy that Kitty Purry was coming to see her. But Chloe wondered why Lady Dog Dog hadn’t texted her yet. “LoCo! Lady Dog Dog hasn’t texted me yet. Why?” asked Chloe.

“I don’t know Miss Chloe. I mean, you could always text first!” replied LoCo.


“I’m sorry! Please forgive me!” begged LoCo. Finally, Chloe received a text. It read: I’m so sorry hon for not texting sooner. I didn’t have any WiFi on the air plane! How absurd, no? It was from Lady Dog Dog! Chloe stopped blabbing.

(At the airport)

“OMG! Hi! I missed you so much, hon!” said Lady Dog Dog when she met up with Chloe at the airport.

“I missed you too!” replied Chloe.

“Where is Kitty?” asked Lady Dog Dog.

“Well she has already texted me so she’s probably already here in Petlantia,” answered Chloe. Chloe drove Lady Dog Dog to her hotel which happened to be Chloe’s hotel, too. When they got there, Chloe took Lady Dog Dog to the lobby and Lady Dog Dog got her room key and went to unpack. Chloe took out her phone. *RING RING* *RING RING* “Hello?” asked a voice. “Hey there Kitty! It’s Chloe. I picked up Lady Dog Dog from the airport. She is unpacking as we speak” answered Chloe.

“Oh, Chloe, it’s you! Well, that’s nice to hear. I will meet up with you two and LoCo if he wants to come too.” replied Kitty.

“Where would be a nice place to meet up?” asked Chloe.

“How about the nearby Barbagrra?” responded Kitty.

“Sure! That’d be great!” answered Chloe.

“OK! See you then!” said Kitty as she hung up.

(At Barbagrra)

“Lady!!!” “Kitty!!!” screamed Kitty Purry and Lady Dog Dog at the same time.

“I missed you so much!” said Kitty as she hugged Lady.

“Missed you too, hon!” answered Lady Dog Dog.

“Shall we get a table?” asked Chloe.

“Yes, please do. I think my loco will fade if we don’t.” replied LoCo. The three amigos all went up to the reservation area and asked for the table they had reserved. When they all got to the table, Chloe screamed so loud you could hear a glass break in the distance. “IS THAT… IS THAT…?”

And we will continue next time on The Sweetness Overload blog! Thank you for reading this new blog post! If you have read this far, please make your guess in the comments section if you think you know who Chloe saw. Thank you! ❤ 🙂

(P.S.- Kitty Purry is a dog, but you know how people are with the crazy names they choose for their kids like, for example, there are about 84 or 85 people in the USA named LOL. So yes.)

The animals’ return

Chloe and LoCo

Hi guys! I am very sorry that I have not written anything in such a long time, but today I am writing a blog about the animals’ return, and by animals I mean LoCo, Chloe, Jessica, Mitchel, Brittany, Mishel, Chirpy, and Ashley.

One day, Ashley was in Calipetnia with Jessica, while Mitchel and Britanny stayed at their new house. Ashley and Jessica were at the mall when they ran into…. wait for it… wait for it… WAIT FOR IT!… LoCo and CHLOE! Jessica about passed out right there on the spot. But there was something new, perhaps SOMEONE new. There was a other golden-doodle with Chloe and LoCo. Chloe looked at Ashley and smiled sweetly.

“May I ask, who is your little FRIEND here, Jessica?” said Chloe.

“Oh Chloe! Nice seeing you again.”

“Sure,” thought Jessica to herself.

“This is Ashley, my best friend. She is actually a profesional wedding photographer here in Calipetnia!”, said Jessica.

“Oh. Thanks for letting me know,” replied Chloe, a bit annoyed. “So LoCo and I are together… still. We just got back from Costa Rica, actually!”, bragged Chloe.

“That’s cool, Chloe. How was it?” Ashley asked with interest.

“Oh my! It was SO amazing! So fun. LoCo and I saw so many INCREDIBLE creatures!”, replied Chloe.

Oh, yes! As I said, there was another golden-doodle and Jessica was a little surprised – but not too much – that LoCo and Chloe did not get introduced to the other dog.

“So, Chloe, I was wondering, who is this?” asked Jessica a little annoyed.

“Oh! Yes, I am so very sorry for not introducing you to my friend earlier,” answered Chloe.

“Oh yes. I NOTICED that, Chloe! Who is SHE?” yelled Jessica impatiently.

“OK, OK, OK. This is Sandy!” responded Chloe excitedly.

“Nice to meet you, Jessica. I’m Sandy! Im Chloe’s half sister!” said Sandy.

“Nice to meet you too, Sandy! Im Jessica,” answered Jessica.

“Well, what am I, Jessica, chopped liver?!?” screamed Ashley.

“No, no, no!” responded Jessica quickly.

When Jessica and Ashley returned home from the mall, Jessica thought about the way Chloe acted. She was surprised that Chloe didn’t act like such a brat, like she normally did. She thought about how sweet Sandy was. Jessica really liked Sandy! LoCo had not said much. Jessica wondered why. They had not seen each other in a while, but they always Skyped.

Ashley decided to do a little work and went outside to take pictures of every little thing she saw. She would look through them later and choose the best shots to show her boss. When Jessica and Ashley got home, Mitchel asked how the mall was. Ashley told him that it was great, and Jessica said that it had been interesting. Jessica wanted to rest.

And the adventure will continue next time on the one and only Sweetness Overload Blog! Thank you so much for reading!

The Idaho Humane Society

Idaho Humane Society

Well, hello there!

Today I am going to write about the charity that I picked in my class. If it’s convincing enough, my paper might win and it will also persuade my class to pick my charity. This post is NOT going to my class; these are just a few reasons why people should donate money to the Idaho Human Society, a.k.a IHS. OK, here we go!

The Idaho Humane Society deserves the money because a lot of animals there need our help and support. Dogs living at the Humane Society have been abandoned, abused, or they are simple strays. Cats there have been injured because I guess they took their daily walk and got hurt, or maybe they just got lost! Here you have are three specific, clear reasons why those animals deserve the money.

1. Animals need care to go to the vet to get shots and the medicine they need. In order to afford that, the IHS needs money to buy it for them.

2. Animals need to eat and get daily exercise, therefore they need food and toys. The IHS is responsible for buying that.

3. Animals need to be washed and groomed, and for that the IHS needs money to buy shampoo and the right brushes for them.

Thank you for reading! Bye! My next blog will be here soon!


Jessica Meets Chloe

Princess Chloe

Hey guys!

Well, when I was at school today and the teacher was teaching, I got distracted and spaced out for like the whole time she was talking (but I know exactly what she said), and thought about Jessica meeting Chloe. I thought about not writing the story, but I think that I really should because Jessica has to meet Chloe sooner or later, so I decided now! Well, here you have Jessica meets Chloe!

Once upon a time, Jessica and her family were sleeping in on a Saturday morning until they heard a knock on the front door. Jessica was confused why somebody would knock on THEIR door at 9:35 in the morning! Jessica asked Mitchel if he could please go open the door. When Mitchel went to open the door, he looked through the hole, and it was LoCo!

Mitchel told Jessica that it was LoCo. Jessica rushed to the door with Britanny in her arms.

¨LoCo!¨ Jessica screamed. The taxi had not left yet and Jessica said, ¨Uh… why is the taxi still here?¨

“Oh… well… Miss Chloe is going to come out, but she needs to get her 5 suitcases, and her other 10 suitcases.¨ Replied LoCo, embarrassed.

“Miss who now?¨ Jessica asked puzzled.

Jessica stared at the taxi until finally, a Goldendoodle wearing a designer dress, 15-carrot earrings, and designer high heels got out of the car.

“Umm… Who is this, LoCo?” Jessica asked, surprised.

“This is Miss Chloe! My new lady friend, if you know what I mean :)”, said LoCo.

“Yes, I get what you mean, LoCo, but where exactly did you MEET her?” Jessica replied.

“Oh… Umm… I met her at the airport. We were both headed to the same place, Petlantia.” LoCo answered Jessica plainly.

“Now, who is this LoCo? She has a really, and I mean REALLY, bad sense of fashion”, Said Chloe.

Jessica glared at Chloe. “Got a problem honey?” Chloe asked sarcastically, and then laughed. Jessica sat on the couch, looking sad.

“What wrong, sweetie?” Mitchel asked.

“Nothing. I guess I just am not very FOND of this Chloe girl!”Jessica screamed. Chloe just sat in Jessica’s dining room texting Lady Von GooGoo (another very famous fashion star in Petlantia).

This is what Chloe texted to Lady Von GooGoo:

“Hey! I am like SOO bored! I am at some chick’s house with my new gentleman. I am at his friends house and like… just…. hold on a sec, some baby is crawling over to me. Yuck! :(“

“Shoo, shoo, you little pest!”, screamed Chloe.

“Is something not to your liking, my Dear Chloe?”, asked LoCo. He was worried about her.


“Of course dear! Whatever you want, Miss Chloe!”, LoCo replied, startled.

When Chloe and LoCo left, Jessica sat there in disgust. Mitchel sighed. Jessica did not respond. She walked away and locked herself in their room.

“Looks like your mommy is having a ruff time.” Mitchel told Britanny.

“Gaa…” Britanny gurgled. Mitchel knocked on the door to their room. “Jessica? Let me talk to you. Are you OK?” Mitchel was very worried about Jessica.

“Yeah, I am fine.” Jessica whispered. Jessica opened the door for Mitchel and Britanny. Mitchel just stared at Jessica. Jessica turned away. “Are you mad with that whole Chloe situation, sweetie?” Mitchel asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes. I mean how rude! How horrid! I have never met someone so horrible in my life!” Jessica said loudly.

When LoCo and Chloe arrived to the hotel they got their room key and went into the room. Chloe checked her messages. Lady Von GooGoo had responded:

“Icky! Hope that your new gentleman saved you from that monster! Girl, you be careful with things like that.”

“When are they gonna come out with the iPhone 7?” Chloe whined.

“They seriously JUST came out with the iPhone 6, sweetie!” LoCo answered, surprised to hear such nonsense.

“I know.”

(Back at Jessica’s house)

It was time for lunch and Jessica was cooking while Mitchel took care of Britanny.

“Wow, what a day!” Jessica said.

“Yeah! What a day! Well, Chloe left so I guess that you are fine for now, right?” Mitchel replied.

“Yeah. I am fine. It just took me a while to get over that. Like what? He just MET that girl!?! Jessica said. Jessica looked outside. “What a wonderful day to go take a walk to the park with Britany after this, right Mitchel?” Jessica asked.

“Yes! Totally, Jess!” Mitchel answered happily.

“Well ok then!” Jessica smiled happily. “Everything was going fine.”

Oh, as for Chloe and LoCo, they headed to paradise to Hawaii for three weeks. They were going to live the LIFE over there!

The End 🙂

Thank all you guys for reading this! Hope you enjoyed this story! Bye!

Chloe Meets LOcO


Hi everybody! Yesterday I promised that I would make the first blog post about Chloe joining all the little blog animals, so here is today’s blog: Chloe Meets LOcO.

Once upon a time, a dog named Chloe was going to move from Monkeyana to Petlantia. So Chloe went to the airport and through security and all that, and waited to board her plane.Chloe, being a coffee addict, had to get a Pugkin Spice Latte from Starhooves. As she walked to the line, she noticed a very familiar-looking pug. Chloe knew she had seen the pug somewhere before. Chloe thought and then said to herself, ”This is very loco.”

The pug in front of her turned around and said: ”Yeah?” Chloe got startled. And everybody knows who Chloe saw: LOcO!

LOcO said ”Did somebody say my name?”

Chloe replied in a loud whisper, ”I did!”

”Hey aren’t you that Chloe chick? That one fashion star?”, asked LOcO.

”Why yes, I am. And instead of calling me some ‘Chloe chick’, call Me Miss Chloe”, she replied angrily.

LOcO apologized by saying, ”Sorry Miss Chloe, it shall not happen again.”

”Thank you”, answered Chloe.

It was time for Chloe  and LOcO to board their planes. Luckily, Chloe and LOcO were headed to the same place, Petlantia. Well, in my LOcO Gets His Loco On! story, he went back to Petlantia. However, I failed to mention that, a week later, LOcO wanted to get his loco back on, so he went to Vegas. But LOcO was there for more than a month when Jessica called. She was worried because she didn’t know if LOcO was OK or not. LOcO told Jessica that ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,’ but Jessica forced LOcO to go back to Petlantia. And that’s how LOcO ended up at the airport.  The End!<3 🙂

Well, thank you all for reading this blog post! It means a lot to me, so thank you! I hope you enjoyed it! ❤ 🙂

Special Blog News!

ChloeHello! it feels like I have not done a blog post in forever! So now I just want to say sorry for that and let you know that my dog, Chloe, is now going to join Jessica, Mitchel, Britanny, Ashley, and last but not least, LOcO! So Chloe is just going to morph into a semi-realistic cartoon :).

I am super excited to teleport Chloe into Petlantia and Calipetnia!

So I want to give you some details on what Chloe is going to look like and how she is going to act :

1. She will have puffy blond fur

2. She will have a purple bow with pink polka dots

3. She will have a pink collar with pink diamonds

4. She will prance when she walks (just like she does in real life)

5. She will be a TOTAL girly girl (like me)

and finally,

6. She will be sassy and the sweetest dog in Petlantia

Well, thank you so much for reading this! Tomorrow I will publish the first blog with Chloe as one of the main characters! Bye!