¡Estoy en Euskadi!

ortuella2¡Hola! Yo no he escrito una historia en mucho tiempo. Hoy es la primera vez que escribo un blog en castellano. Estoy en Euskadi y he llegado hace como dos semanas. Estoy muy orgullosa por estar aquí por fin. Mi cumple real va a estar en Euskadi y voy a tener también una fiesta the cumple aquí y después voy a tener una en América.

Mi fiesta de cumple, no mi cumple real, va a estar en el dia 23 de Julio. No puedo esperar, ¡porque todas mis amigas (en Euskadi) van a venir! Mi fiesta va a estar en una cafetería llamada el Cobi. Mi Aitite, Amama e Izeko querían que yo he hecho un blog en castellano pero yo tambien quería hacerlo porque yo nunca lo he hecho y porque todos mis blogs son en inglés.

Yo echo de menos a todos de mi familia en América como mi Aita, mi hermano bebé, mis aitites allí, y mis tías y tíos, mis primos y mi madrastra.

Me encanta ir al parque con mis amigas y mi prima Izortze. Mi Amatxu siempre va al frontón que también es un bar. El frontón es un bar que tiene un frontón en ello. Está muy muy muy muy muy cerca del parque. Es menos que un minuto andando allí. Para mí es divertido ir al sitio de txutxes. A mí me gusta comprar pipas de sábor a bacon (y lo venden en el sitio de txutxes).

Gracias por leer my blog hoy. Mi próximo blog será en inglés… creo. Pero yo voy a tener más blogs en castellano. ¡Gracias! ¡Agur!



Kai_MaitaneHello! It has been a while since the last time I did a story on my blog. So today my blog post is about my baby brother Kai. Here it is:

Kai is my baby brother. He is probably the cutest baby in the entire world. Kai is only 7 months old right now and will soon be 8 months old. Kai laughs a lot and smiles a lot. When Kai is really tired he still won’t fall asleep easily for some reason. Well, he is a baby, so that might be one of the reasons why he does not always fall asleep with ease. Kai is not eating solid foods yet but he does suck on carrots and cucumbers. Kai also sucks on an empty lip gloss tube. Kai loves it! He also just got a new jumper. He does not really jump in it yet. He kind of just wiggles around in it.

Kai loves it when we read stories to him. He thinks it’s really fun. He loves touching the pages. Kai loves playing with Crissy’s phone. Ok, he doesn’t really ”play” with it, he just puts it in his mouth and slobbers all over it. Kai is a really sweet baby and likes elephants. Kai is getting his two front teeth and you can kind of see them, but they are not fully grown yet. When I get back from Euskadi, I think they might be completely out, and I believe that he might also be crawling by then.

My baby brother has light brown hair and blue eyes. Kai has already had his first Christmas because he was born in November, 2013, so he celebrated his first Christmas when he was one month old. Kai loves being in the bath with his bath toys. He has a penguin bath toy and three fish bath toys. Kai is so cute!

That is the story about Kai for today. Goodbye! By: Maitane

Ashleey Goes To Calipetnia

Ashleey, Jessica, and Mitchel🙂 ❤ Hello! Today I will be showing you a story called Ashleey Goes To Calipetnia and here it is:

Once upon a time, there lived a hamster named Ashleey. She had just came back from Smallville and wanted to see her friend Jessica. Jessica, as you know, is married to Mitchel the bunny, and has a baby girl bunny named Britanny. Ashleey walked over to Jessica’s house and knocked on the door. ”Who is it?”- Said Jessica. ”It’s me! Ashleey!”- Replied Ashleey. Jessica raced over to the door. ”Ashleey! I have missed you SO much!”- Screamed out Jessica in excitement. ”Jessica! I have missed you too!”- Answered Ashleey. ”Whats new?”- Asked Jessica. ”Not much. But I do know what you might be excited about.”-Ashleey responded. ”What is it?!?”- Replied Jessica. ”The surprise is that I have a new dream: To be a wedding photographer in Calipetnia.”- Answered Ashleey. ”I am so excited for you! But you just came back from Smallville and now you are moving to Calipetnia?”-Asked Jessica sadly. ”Yes I am very, very truly sorry but you have not heard all the news.”- Replied Ashleey. ”Then what is it?”- Asked Jessica surprised. ”I want to take one of my friends there to live with me.”- Answered Ashleey. ”Wait a minute, so you are saying that you want to take ME to live in Calipetnia with you?”- Jessica asked shocked. ”Yes that is EXACTLY what I’m saying!”- Ashleey responded happily.  ”Well, I don’t want to leave Britanny, Mitchel, and all my friends! Petlantia is my home!”- Jessica screamed. ”Well, you can take Britanny and Mitchel. Why would I ask you to live with me and then make you leave your husband and your daughter behind!”- Answered Ashleey. ”Well, OK. I will live with you. When do we leave? And have you sent the e-mail yet?”- Asked Jess. ”We leave tomorrow. And no, I have not sent the e-mail yet and thank you!”- Responded Ashleey. ”OK. Bye! I will see you tomorrow.”- Replied Jessica. ”OK. I will pick you up from your house tomorrow.”- Answered Ashleey. ”OK bye.”- Jessica said back to Ashleey.

Ashleey sent the e-mail when she got home. She wrote this:

Dear Mrs.Bell, I would love to be a part of your photographing company. I would like to be a part of the wedding photographer side of it. I am a hamster named Ashleey and I have a talent for photographing. When I was eight years old, I took a picture of a deer and it turned out perfect. My parents sent it to a professional photographer and then he sent back an e-mail saying that I had taken a better picture then he had ever done. I am 23 and am a really good wedding photographer. Thank you! E-mail me back yes or no please. Sincerely, Ashleey Duncan.

Mrs.Bell sent back a message and she accepted! Ashleey was going to be a professional wedding photographer!

It was the day that Ashleey, Jessica, Mitchel, and Britanny were going to Calipetnia to live. But of course, they would ALWAYS come visit. They were at the airport and Britanny started crying and needed to eat. So Jessica went to feed Britanny. After Jessica was done feeding Britanny, Mitchel, Jessica, and Ashleey went to get some food before going on to the plane. The plane ride from Petlantia to Calipetnia is about five – seven hours. So after they were done eating they left their bags with the workers at the airport.  They went on the plane and waited until they got to Calipetnia.

(Seven hours later)

They got to Calipetnia seven hours later and went to their hotel. They were still going to find a house to live in but for now they were going to stay in the hotel. They ate dinner and had a group talk on Skype with Loco, Mishel, and Chirpy. They all talked and laughed and they promised they would ALWAYS come to visit.

And they all live happily ever after. 🙂 ❤

Loco Gets His Loco On! (Dedicated To Tía Heather)

Pug PawstandHello and welcome back to… the Sweetness Overload Blog! Today we have another story called, Loco Gets His Loco On! (Dedicated To Tia Heather).

Well, before I go on, Loco might sound familiar because he is! A little less than a year ago I wrote a story about friends going to McDonald’s! Loco wanted to get his loco on! And my aunt, Tia Heather wanted to know how Loco got his loco on! So today I tell you the story of how Loco got his loco on!

Once upon a time, there lived a pug named Loco. Loco was VERY loco. Loco’s best friend was Jessica the bunny.  Jessica was married to Mitchel the bunny and they both had a baby girl bunny named Britanny. Loco wanted to get his loco on! But how was he going to do that? ”Should I do the indoor running of the bulls?”- He thought. ”Seems loco to me.”-Loco said to himself.

Loco thought that he would never  get his loco on! Until, ”Ahh ha!”- Loco had an idea (that’s new). ”I will do something amazingly loco in pug history! It is not the indoor running of the bulls…. I will do a Pug Pawstand while walking on my paws!” -Loco said to himself. ”Oh ya that’s what I’ll do peeps!”.

Loco was inspired by his locotivity. Loco knew that he would become the most famous pug in Petlantia! Loco could not wait to tell all his friends! But of course, he HAD to tell Jessica because Jessica knew what was bad or good, right or wrong, nice and mean, and all that kind of stuff. Loco zoomed his way to Jessica’s house. ”Jessica! Jessica!”-Loco screamed. ”Loco, hold your loco in for like two seconds! I’m on the phone!”- Jessica replied. ”Oh all right”- Said Loco back. ”OK, I’m done Loco. What is it?”- Jessica finally said. ” I have some great, great news (For me anyway).” ”Well then, what in Petlantia are you trying to tell me!”- Jessica said back to Loco. ”Well Jessica, you see, I have not gotten my loco on in so long! I don’t know what has gotten in to me lately.” ”I am going to do something crazy- something no pug has ever done.” ”THEN WHAT IS IT! SPILL THE BEANS ALREADY, LOCO!!!”- Jessica screamed. ”OK, I will spill the beans!”- Loco answered. ”Good!”- Jessica replied. ”I am going to do a Pug Pawstand while walking on my paws!”- Loco said sounding excited.

”Well, I’m not going to lie, that is really REALLY loco, Loco!”- Jessica said sounding surprised. ”Well, I know I like being loco! 1. Because I’m Loco and 2. Because I’m loco!”- Loco said sounding angry. ”Loco, I am not saying you can’t do it, I’m saying you SHOULD do it.”- Jessica said feeling proud of Loco. ”Really?!?”- Loco said sounding super ultra happy. ”Really.”- Jessica said smiling at Loco. ”Well Loco, I got to go. Britanny just woke up from her nap and I hear her crying so I got to go take care of her.”- Jessica said to Loco. ”OK. Thank you!”- Loco said thankfully. ”No problem, Loco. Bye!”- Jessica replied. ”Bye!”- Loco said back. Loco skipped back to his little house. Loco was so happy!

Loco practiced and practiced. He fell, he tripped, and he turned. But he was happy for trying. And he finally did it! He did it again and again! He thought he had it covered! And he did! He finally bought a camera in the Petlantia Gift Shop. He videotaped himself doing a Pug Pawstand while walking on his paws! He sent it to Crazy Stunt Pug. The next day,  Crazy Stunt Pug e-mailed Loco. Loco woke up and found a message on his iPug. It said:

Loco! You are a natural! That was amazing! You have done something that no other pug has ever done in Petlantia!  You will be able to get your loco on even more than you used to! You will be able to practice with me! I have learned so many tricks- awesome tricks that are really hard! But I have never even been able to do that. So what I know might be easy for you, but we’ll see! Since you are a natural, you should be able to do five hard tricks. But they should be quite simple for you because you have completed the Pug Pawstand while walking on your paws! That is the trick that you do when you graduate from Crazy Stunt School! And you have only learned ONE trick! You still need to learn the other tricks to graduate from Crazy Stunt School. Well, send back an e-mail saying yes or no and why or why not. Thank you Loco! Sincerely, Crazy Stunt Pug.

Loco almost died of happiness! He had to tell Jessica! Loco called Jessica on his iPug. Loco told the whole story to Jessica. Jessica was so happy for Loco! Loco packed his bags and left the next day. Jessica was there to say goodbye to him at the airport. Jessica said her goodbyes because she would not be able to see him for a whole year! But he would come to visit on days off.

(One year later)

Loco came back from Crazy Stunt School one year later. He was so happy to see Jessica and her family! Britanny was one year old now! She had her first cake, Jessica and Mitchel took ALL the pictures. Loco was so happy to see them all, and he showed them all the cool tricks he had learned. Loco got a Welcome-Back-Gift from Jessica, Mitchel, and of course, Britanny. The gift was a watch to time how much loco you can do in one minute. He also got a dog bone with the words ”Welcome back, Loco!” carved into it. Loco was so happy he said his thank-yous and stayed with them for dinner.

And they all lived happily, ever, after! The End! ❤ 🙂

Jessica The Bunny Goes On A Picnic… And more Surprises :)

Hello! Today is my first story not blog but story. This is one of those animal stories that I was telling you about. Well anyways, here is Jessica The Bunny Goes On A Picnic… And More Surprises:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce upon a time, there lived a happy little bunny in the town of Petlantia. The little bunny’s name was Jessica. It was the first day of summer vacation. All of Jessica’s friends were going on vacation and Jessica was not! Jessica was staying in the little town of Petlantia. Jessica was planing a surprise picnic for her friends! But she did not know that her friends were going on vacation! Mishel the cat was  going to Calipetnia, Loco the pug was going to Locoville, Chirpy the birdy was going to Tweetytown, and Ashleey the hamster went to Smallvillage. Jessica had been planing that picnic for a long time! Jess had been planing that since the 1st day of school! I know that it seems WAY to early to plan the surprise, but sometimes she did not have enough time to plan everything! Because first she has to find the place, the time, make invitations, and then invite her friends, get the food ready, and last but not least have it! But it did not happen! Her friends did not tell her that they were going on vacation because they had no time to tell her on the last week of school! Because next year she is going to high school!

Well she was really sad when she found out on Facebook! She was so disappointed! She had been planing for almost a year just to keep it a surprise! She was not sure what she was going to do because she had so much food and everything that her friends like! She needed to invite someone! At least! Jessica was about to cry. ”One year of work for nothing”-Jessica thought to herself. She tried going around town to see if anyone at all wanted to hang out with her for even just 5 minutes! ”What am I doing. It’s useless to even try at this point.”- Jessica said to herself. The poor bunny just wants some friends!

She tried again and again and tried about  13 more times! And finally somebody wanted to hang out with Jessica! It was a boy bunny and his name was Mitchel. He seemed to really like Jessica! They talked for about 2 hours in a park called Fantasy Park. She was just so happy to meet someone as ~sweet~ as Mitchel! They later relaxed at a cafe called Starhoofs. They hung out there for about one hour. Finally, Jessica said: ”Hey Mitchel? Wanna come to a picnic with me in 3 days?” Mitchel responded: ”Yeah. I’d love that Jess. Hey thanks.” ”No problem Mitchel!”-Jessica responded.

She walked home skipping and singing: ”Mmmhmmmmhmmmmhmhmhmhm Mitchel is coming I won’t be alone and I will have fun mmhmmhm!”. 3 days later it was the picnic Mitchel walked to Jessica’s house and they walked to Fantasy Park to have their little picnic. Jessica laid down the blanket to sit on and she took out the food. She brought: 2 sandwiches, honeydoo, watermelon, carrots (of course), 2 water bottles, and 2 cupcakes. They talked and laughed and just had a blast! After the picnic, Jessica said: ”Oh man that was really fun Mitch!” ”It sure was Jess! So glad you invited me.”- Replied Mitchel. Well I guess I will see you later!

(One year later)

One day Jessica and Mitchel were walking side by side walking to Fantasy Park where of course their first ”date” was. Of course, after a year they became boybunny and girlbunny and they were so happy together. They sat down on the grass and all of a sudden, Mitchel pulled a fancy box out of his pocket while Jessica was not looking. Jess turned back around and opened her moth wide. Mitchel said: ”Jessica, you are the best girl (bunny) I have ever met. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Jessica? Will you marry me?” Jessica started crying of happiness. Jessica screamed out: ”YES!”. They hugged and all that and were just so excited! They could not wait for their wedding!

(Two years later)

Jessica was going to have a baby! It was going to be a girl! It was born two years after they had gotten married. The baby’s name was Brittany.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End!

Sweetness For Everybody!

sweetsHello and welcome back to the Sweetness Overload Blog!

Well anyway, today is about sweet things. I am going to name 3 sweet things that are:

  1. Babies.
  2. Sweets like candy, cake, cookies, and cupcakes. and…
  3. ❤ Pinterest <3.

Those are my 3 sweet things! Sweet is yummy, nice, and of course, SWEET!!!!!! I just love all those 3 sweet things I just described! And man, do I love blogging?!? Well yes I do! That might as well be my 4th sweet thing, BLOGGING! There are just so many sweet sweet things in this world! I like sweet animals, to! Sweet things: Blogging, babies, sweet food, animals, and PINTEREST! I JUST LOVE PINTEREST!

Yes I mentioned Pinterest in my first blog: Just Things About Me. Man did I love that blog! It was probably my favorite blog I have done so far (and probably my first 1 before this:). Well anyways, this story blog is NOT over yet! Some things I would like to say is: Please comment what you think my next blog should be or be about, follow me, and like! Thank ya! And here are some SWEET symbols: :), and <3.

Again, thank you so so much and remember: PLEASE COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK MY NEXT BLOG SHOULD BE OR BE ABOUT, FOLLOW ME, AND LIKE! Thank you!!! ❤ 🙂

Just Things About Me

Cute-Little-Bunnies7Well hello! I have never ever had a blog before so just to let you guys know the important thing is….My name is Maitane! Well I should start out with my favorite things.
Food: Rice and hamburgers
Singer:*Taylor Swift*
Animal: Dogs, hamsters, and bunnies
Book: Bad Kitty and Tea Stilton
BFF: Lyvia
And last but not least, my favorite grade was 1st grade.

I am a girly girl and love necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair-clips. I am not a big fan of school but I like reading, hanging out with friends, and just learning cool facts! I love writing fiction stories about animals but I am not wanting to be an author when I grow up. I plan to be a singer and a model. I enjoy writing because it is a fun pass time and I just like making up funny stories!

I like Pinterest a lot! Pinterest is really fun! And if you do Pinterest, follow me please! I just love doing fun things! I like music and doing art like drawing, making cards and things like that. I hope that all of you enjoy my Sweet Overload blog! My blog is about sweetness like good stuff, good things that happen with me and with my friends and family! That´s all for today folks! Thank you! Follow me please!