Special Blog News!

ChloeHello! it feels like I have not done a blog post in forever! So now I just want to say sorry for that and let you know that my dog, Chloe, is now going to join Jessica, Mitchel, Britanny, Ashley, and last but not least, LOcO! So Chloe is just going to morph into a semi-realistic cartoon :).

I am super excited to teleport Chloe into Petlantia and Calipetnia!

So I want to give you some details on what Chloe is going to look like and how she is going to act :

1. She will have puffy blond fur

2. She will have a purple bow with pink polka dots

3. She will have a pink collar with pink diamonds

4. She will prance when she walks (just like she does in real life)

5. She will be a TOTAL girly girl (like me)

and finally,

6. She will be sassy and the sweetest dog in Petlantia

Well, thank you so much for reading this! Tomorrow I will publish the first blog with Chloe as one of the main characters! Bye!



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