Sandy’s Diary

Sandy DiaryHello everybody! It’s Maitane here and this blog post is going to be about my OTHER dog, Sandy! I haven’t really said much about Sandy other than the fact that she made a little appearance in The Animals Return. So I was thinking that maybe this blog post should be about Sandy! Perhaps… her diary? Sandy doesn’t ACTUALLY have a diary (obviously) but I thought it would be fun to say that she does! Well, let’s get started!

October 1st, 2015

You won’t believe what just happened! I just got accepted into NYAOCDD (New Yorkie Arts Of Cuddly Dancing Dogs)! I’M SO HAPPY! Although I’ve already gone through two years of college, I’ve decided that I’m going to spend the remaining two and one additional year there. Getting accepted into NYAOCDD has been my dream ever since I was a little puppy, but I wouldn’t have ever thought that I would actually GET IN! I love how the other pets that study there are so nice and affectionate. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a very affectionate and cuddly dog, I still am SOO glad I got in. I know I’ve said it hundreds of times, but it’s TRUE! I LOVE DANCING!!!

October 2nd, 2015

I’m packing up to go to The Hamptons where Chloe and LoCo are on vacation. I plan to tell Chloe the news. I’m a year older than Chloe but she went to college for a year. No, she didn’t drop out, she also enrolled in online college courses on weekends, holidays, any days off. Even when she was sick, she did college online. She ALSO did EXTRA work so that she could graduate sooner. Why she did this? I have NO idea. She says it’s because she really wanted to be a fashion designer and the company she wanted to work for required a college degree. I can kind of understand her but… ? I don’t even know. A lot of pets get on my case for being her best friend. Most pets think that she’s mean and sassy. Although that might be true of some pets, she’s ACTUALLY my half sister. But we had been friends for a long time before we found out. We have the same father, but different mothers. We were both separated from our parents when we were old enough to leave the liter. The point is, she’s always been super supportive of me and nice to me, she’s been SUCH a kind friend and she’s been my family since before we knew that we were literally family. I’m super excited!

October 3rd, 2015

I’m on the plane to go see Chloe. She has no idea that I’m coming. She thinks that I’m at my cousin’s house over in Smallville. My cousin is a dog, but she’s a teacup chihuahua so she’s really small. The flight attendant is announcing that the flight is taking off! I’M. SO. EXCITED!!!! I Can’t even describe how happy I am. In part because Chloe convinced me to apply and I told her that I wouldn’t get in. She told me to follow my heart and that if I tried my hardest, believed in myself, and practiced, I’d be sure to get in. I took her advice and look at me now, ready to tell her that I got in!!!! That’s been my dream ever since Chloe gave me that helpful advice. I had doubts at first because NYAOCDD only takes so many students a year. Well, I’m going to sleep the rest of the way. I won’t write tomorrow because I want a day off. Goodnight, everyone!

October 5th, 2015

I told Chloe the news! She fainted and we had to call the paramedics and then when she woke up, she screamed because she had no idea why the paramedics were there. I then told her when and why she had fainted, then she fainted again. LoCo and I told the paramedics that they were free to leave. We said we could handle it from there and they questioned us then we assured them… blah… blah…. blah. All this seemed to go on FOREVER! They left us some medicine just in case she fainted again. All of this happened yesterday. Later, we all went out to dinner and then to the movie theater. I’m leaving tomorrow, but these were my adventures this week! A lot of things sure have happened! Well, I’m going to go to sleep now.

Hello everybody! I hoped you all enjoyed this blog post. If you could, please tell me yes or no, give me some feedback telling me if I should write more Sandy’s Diary. Thank you and goodbye for now!

(P.S I have a sarcastic joke in this post saying that Sandy isn’t affectionate or cuddly, but SHE IS. SHE’S THE CUDDLIEST MOST AFFECTIONATE DOG ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. End of story. No exceptions.)



3 thoughts on “Sandy’s Diary

  1. cdortuella says:

    Muy bueno Maitane !!!!!.
    No te gustarán los deportes, pero escribiendo eres una artista.
    Sí, opino que debes seguir escribiendo, para que conozcamos todas las historias de tus amigos.
    Un musu.

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