The animals’ return

Chloe and LoCo

Hi guys! I am very sorry that I have not written anything in such a long time, but today I am writing a blog about the animals’ return, and by animals I mean LoCo, Chloe, Jessica, Mitchel, Brittany, Mishel, Chirpy, and Ashley.

One day, Ashley was in Calipetnia with Jessica, while Mitchel and Britanny stayed at their new house. Ashley and Jessica were at the mall when they ran into…. wait for it… wait for it… WAIT FOR IT!… LoCo and CHLOE! Jessica about passed out right there on the spot. But there was something new, perhaps SOMEONE new. There was a other golden-doodle with Chloe and LoCo. Chloe looked at Ashley and smiled sweetly.

“May I ask, who is your little FRIEND here, Jessica?” said Chloe.

“Oh Chloe! Nice seeing you again.”

“Sure,” thought Jessica to herself.

“This is Ashley, my best friend. She is actually a profesional wedding photographer here in Calipetnia!”, said Jessica.

“Oh. Thanks for letting me know,” replied Chloe, a bit annoyed. “So LoCo and I are together… still. We just got back from Costa Rica, actually!”, bragged Chloe.

“That’s cool, Chloe. How was it?” Ashley asked with interest.

“Oh my! It was SO amazing! So fun. LoCo and I saw so many INCREDIBLE creatures!”, replied Chloe.

Oh, yes! As I said, there was another golden-doodle and Jessica was a little surprised – but not too much – that LoCo and Chloe did not get introduced to the other dog.

“So, Chloe, I was wondering, who is this?” asked Jessica a little annoyed.

“Oh! Yes, I am so very sorry for not introducing you to my friend earlier,” answered Chloe.

“Oh yes. I NOTICED that, Chloe! Who is SHE?” yelled Jessica impatiently.

“OK, OK, OK. This is Sandy!” responded Chloe excitedly.

“Nice to meet you, Jessica. I’m Sandy! Im Chloe’s half sister!” said Sandy.

“Nice to meet you too, Sandy! Im Jessica,” answered Jessica.

“Well, what am I, Jessica, chopped liver?!?” screamed Ashley.

“No, no, no!” responded Jessica quickly.

When Jessica and Ashley returned home from the mall, Jessica thought about the way Chloe acted. She was surprised that Chloe didn’t act like such a brat, like she normally did. She thought about how sweet Sandy was. Jessica really liked Sandy! LoCo had not said much. Jessica wondered why. They had not seen each other in a while, but they always Skyped.

Ashley decided to do a little work and went outside to take pictures of every little thing she saw. She would look through them later and choose the best shots to show her boss. When Jessica and Ashley got home, Mitchel asked how the mall was. Ashley told him that it was great, and Jessica said that it had been interesting. Jessica wanted to rest.

And the adventure will continue next time on the one and only Sweetness Overload Blog! Thank you so much for reading!


7 thoughts on “The animals’ return

  1. Lynn Bradescu says:

    Thank you for returning and writing! Love this story and I look forward to hearing more about all their adventures!

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